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A place down-town

We all love to come home.

What home is, isn't always clear.

But we all know that home is where a heart is.


In one of the many crowded streets of Amsterdam, there is a small community-center called Treasure House. Here, in the middle of the old center of the city, people come together to talk, eat, laugh or just sit a while with others. People come in to take a break from their week, as busy or empty as it has been. Every Sunday between 13.00 and 20.00 the doors are open for people looking for company, sandwiches or some rest. Sometimes games are played, other times paintings are made, but all of the time people are welcome to be who they are and connect. Besides hosting the Sundays, Treasure House is a place where people can rent work- or meeting-space. It's a place used for prayer-meetings, connect-groups, ZZP'ers and more. This variety gives Treasure House a unique and intimate character. Treasure House is located at the Sint Jansstraat 41 Amsterdam. If you want to check out the place on Sunday, feel welcome every week. If you are interested in renting the place, check the rent-page for prices and schedules. Appointments to see the place during the week, can be made by using our contact-information at the bottom of this site. It would be great to meet you!


a ministry of Lifeline


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