Treasure House Sunday



A place for people

Not all things are shown or talked about that easily.

Some things ask for a connection first.


The heart of Treasure House takes place on Sunday. Throughout the years Treasure House has become known to a variety of people. Especially people without a home; whether this is a building or a sense of belonging. Many of the people who join Treasure House on Sunday come here for that feeling: a piece of home, a piece of family. Food, company, a board-game or two, all ingredients are there.

Because Treasure House is not an organization that provides help, but tries to offer a bit of home, people can escape from all that is part of their daily routine: the need to hustle, the requirement to meet expectations, the fight to be seen as a complete and beloved person. At Treasure House we are all people simply coming to a place where nothing particular happens - and it's exactly that, that makes it the relaxed, safe to be 'home' Treasure House is to many.


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